At #sciam Blogs today: do you love him for him? Or for his hot immune system?

Feb 27 2012 Published by under Behavioral Neuro

...or is it something else?

Sci is at SciAm blogs today taking on a paper that got some press last week, claiming a relationship between immune function, cortisol levels, testosterone, and attractiveness in men. Head over there to find out what I think of it.

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  • Cory Albrecht (@Bytor) says:

    Wasn't there a correlation between whether a women though a man's sweaty t-shirt smelled sexy and how different their immune system genetics were? (Half-remembering while at work.)

  • greg says:

    hm, re: testosterone levels in adulthood being related to percieved facial attractiveness, I'm hypogonadal and going on testosterone replacement therapy soon. The normal male range for bioavailable testosterone is 2.8 to 15.5 nmol/L. Hypogonodal men with primary hypogonadism (testes don't work) would be a handy opportunity to try simply changing the testosterone levels and checking what effect it has on attractiveness.....

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