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Mar 08 2012 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

The next two weeks, the Scientopia Guest Blog will be featuring Alma Dzib Goodin, who normally blogs at "talking about neurocognition". Alma has three posts up already, on Brain and Life (a good introduction!), Science and Social Impact, and The brain and its understanding of the world. Head over and check it out!

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  • sams says:


    Thank you four your nice writing on Now on the Guest Blog, Alma Dzib!.


  • anonymus says:

    Brain and world is a very exciting topic. Waiting for more on that

  • Ricardo C. says:

    Just so you know who you are dealing with, Ms. Dzib was fired from her previous post at the National Education University in Mexico City for conducting a massive academic fraud, which included lying about her degrees, lying about her work, and plagiarizing other people's writings. If you want to know how things unfolded, you can start here:

    • scicurious says:

      These allegations are serious and we wish to investigate them. Please contact me via email as soon as possible. My information is available under Contact and Policies.

      • Ricardo C. says:

        You don't need much more than what I sent you. If you can read Spanish, there are several links from that first one; the whole thing unraveled from that first post, which was a letter from Howard Gardner to Nexos, a nationally recognized cultural magazine in Mexico.

        Dr. Gardner was the first (or maybe de last, since Ms. Dzib had been lying about her qualifications for years) victim of the whole affair. Ms. Dzib even falsified an email that she sent to Nexos magazine, purporting to come from Dr. Gardner, where "he" exonerates her from any wrongdoing and offers his full support for her "work" (you can find it here: ). When the leaders at EPN (the university) realized what was going on, they fired her. The university president had to go on a national radio show and offer her apologies (abbreviated transcript: ). She even wrote a letter to Dr. Gardner, which was published on the university's webpage, and which you can read here:

        I don't intend to be cruel or cause any more distress to Ms Dzib, because clearly she needs some sort of professional help. However, I think that she should not be allowed to continue to fool any more people.

  • Lupita says:

    More information about the fraud committed by Alma Dzib:

  • Aldonza Camargo says:

    My name is Aldonza Camargo

    Some weeks ago, I read the two comments above and I thought: hey!, another Johan Leher’s case or worst. As researcher I wanted to be sure, and here is what I found:

    Howard Gardner sent a note to a Mexican magazine at December 16th, 2010 claiming he had been victim of a fraud in Mexico, academic fraud he pointed his finger against a person. This note, wrote it in English said: there is enough evidence, and never showed the evidence, except said that someone sent him a conference compilation and one conference has his name. His finger pointed twice when he found out that a person had read that conference. And he said it was an example of bad work. He requested: send this to everybody because I am a victim.

    He said: I knew about this conference, using my name since before but I decided to say nothing, and he jumped several weeks after… I don’t know you, but I would have stopped any conference if I was not invited, and they are exposing my name!.

    Well, If there was enough proofs, why didn’t he go to a judge?. But that’s not all.
    I found a couple of videos from a Mexican reporter repeating the offense and show a couple of videos of the accused. One video show her with very short hair, said she was director of a program from a Mexican college, and then it’s possible to see another video of her reading the conference. I began to think there was something spooky because hair grows 0.5 inches per month, if this person is the same of the videos then both must have at least 2 years of difference.

    Both Gardner and reported explained she organized the conference, well, it’s easy to say but the program of the famous conference doesn’t say that. Her name is there because she was speaker after the main conference, Gardner’s.

    So at that point I thought, ok, let’s go beyond, who is woman?

    I found she was at the United States since 2009. How can I know that?: Her photographs. Actually she documented a goose family during 2009 and 2010. There is a photograph of December 2010. I found she was traveling between the United States and Mexico because her photographs show some Mexican flowers and butterflies.

    She was speaker at 5 conferences during 2010. Everything is online, how could she organize a conference from US?, but there is more of this case.

    Gardner exposed the case as a bad work, but he took justice in his hands, as a God, kinky?. His finger moved some ribbons and she lost her job in Mexico at February 2011, and at May 2011, authorities of the college asked her to declare about. She didn’t declare before, why?, How is that possible? This is public in a noted published titled: Made in Mexico.

    Legal actions began all process are still open, but Lupita, Ricardo, Carlos any other name possible with all kind of false emails have shared the links above.

    More? It’s necessary to be a legal resident of the United States to buy a house, to be a legal resident you need to live in the country at least 3 years, she and her husband bought a house past summer, in a high level ZIP. It means she has been in the United States for a while, maybe coming and going.

    I can say is a very reserved person, someone said about her: she is funnily intelligent and transparent, prolific writer.

    Human cognition: when you do it once, you do it twice: if someone cheats once, will have a tendency to do it again. There is no evidence of that in her blogs, she writes about specific topics, with specific references, the kind of only someone who knows enough about a topic uses.

    Lupita and Ricardo, why don’t use your name?

    What I think: We are witnesses or someone who farted loud and bothered someone at high level and now she will have to pay for the rest of her life, even if there is nothing against. Mexicans have a tendency to hate the talent. I only needed few weeks to build a point of view about this. How come Lupita and Cesar can’t do it? Maybe there is something else? Who did organize the conference?

    I have not talked or asked anything to this woman, everything is online.

    Another curious issue. if someone is flamboyant about friends, shows pics, this woman never shows pics of persons and I found a pic of 2003 of her with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe and some other persons. If you do it once, you do it twice.

    I request to this spaces not to admit this shit, we want to read about interesting topics, not wishy washy crap.

    My email is real, just in case someone wants to debate a little bit more.

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