At #sciam Blogs: Running and Thermoregulation

Mar 28 2012 Published by under Physiology/Pharmacology

I get cold after I run. Really, REALLY cold.

I’m sitting here, preparing to write a blog post on thermoregulation. I finished a good run a while ago. The temperatures outside weren’t too extreme (50ish degrees F, so comfortable for a good run), and I was sweating freely when I finished. About an hour later, here I am, in fleecey pants, shirt, socks, hoodie…and sleeping bag. And afghan. And cat.

I’m freezing. Really, seriously cold. My nailbeds are almost purple, my hands are like ice, and I’ve got goosebumps all over. I’m almost too cold to shiver.

This happens every time I run more than about 5 miles.

Of course, being a scientist, I have to find out WHY! And I got in touch with Ollie Jay at the University of Ottawa to find out. Go over there and check it out!

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  • Anna says:

    a question out of topic, why the more people sleep, the more tired one will feel?- being a scientist, i want to ask why. 🙂

  • QoB says:

    Interesting! This happens to me after cardio exercise as well (though not at all to the same extent as you!) and I had always just assumed it was just sweat evaporation and/or wet hair from post-exercise shower (of course, maybe it is for me as I'm short and have BMI of ~25!).

    Was Ollie Jay able to give you any tips to prevent it happening e.g. (off the top of my head) : do a much longer warm-down so your body has more time to lower core temperature while you're still working?

  • gerty-z says:

    the SAME THING happens to me! I'm freezing after I run, especially if I cool off too quick right when I stop. You know what makes it really suck? Sit in a hot tub. I did that once after a bike/swim workout and it was a BIG mistake.

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