Diversity in Science Carnival's April Theme: IMPOSTER SYNDROME

Apr 03 2012 Published by under Academia

If you all don't read the Diversity in Science carnival, you really should. It's always got some great posts well worth looking at. And this month will be better than usual, because yours truly is hosting Edition #15! 🙂 And we've even got a theme: imposter syndrome. It's something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and something which seems to to affect everyone in science, but particularly women, minorities, and/or people who are the first in their families to go into higher Ed. And so I'm interested in what you guys think of imposter syndrome, if you suffer it, how you fight it, and what you think we can do to make it less of an issue. Posts are due April 23rd, and the carnival will go up soon after. Please send all posts to ME, via the submission form. Let's hear about imposter syndrome, and see what we can do to solve the problem! My own take is going to go up tomorrow.

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