Diversity in Science Carnival: Imposter Syndrome

Apr 10 2012 Published by under Academia

Don't forget that Sci is hosting the Diversity in Science Carnival this month on the theme of Imposter Syndrome! I want to hear how you fight it personally and what you think people and institutions can do to reduce it.

A blog carnival is a collection of links along the same subject or theme, put together in a single place where people can read them all. In this case, the Diversity in Science carnival is putting together links on Imposter Syndrome, to allow people to link back for their use. So please, if you want to submit something, it needs to have a link. Put your thoughts somewhere, a blog post, a Tumblr, a Storify, a Facebook post, anything that you can link to to send to the carnival. We will then collect the links and organize them by theme. The carnival can help increase traffic and conversation in response to your posts, and can also help increase awareness of your presence on social media, not to mention all the help it would have in combating imposter syndrome!!

Please submit your posts via the submission form! With a little help we can all fight this together! Due date is April 23rd, and I'll be putting up the carnival shortly thereafter. Get writing!

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