Diversity in Science Carnival: one week left!

Apr 17 2012 Published by under Academia, Blog Carnivals

Only one week left to write and submit posts for the Diversity in Science Carnival on the theme of Imposter Syndrome! I'm really interested to hear what you all have to say on how it affects your life choices, how you fight it, and how you think other people and academia can help stop it from striking. Posts are due April 23rd, and please use the submission form! We've gotten some great things so far and there's still time to add your own take!

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  • I am of the opinion that a significant factor associated with "imposter syndrome" (feeling like a fraud, etc.) for young female research scientists is that they may not be taken as seriously, on average, compared to their male cohorts. [Why?] To the extent this this opinion is accurate, it may generate, reinforce, and/or perpetuate "imposter syndrome". What behaviors might the females manifest? How can "imposter syndrome" be managed or mitigated so that it does not become deleterious to a young female's career as a research scientist?

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