ADHD: Behavioral and cognitive therapies

May 15 2012 Published by under Behavioral Neuro

I've got an article up over at Sci Am Mind and Brain today, about recent advances in behavioral and cognitive therapies for ADHD, and how these therapies may be better than medication in the long run. And I have also included, at my Sci Am blog, a list of the references I used for the piece (for those who are curious). Head over and check it out!

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  • Mary Canady says:

    Nice post Sci--I will concur that parents of ADHD children have more stress as I am one! Also, I think ADHD contributes to issues with STEM education the learning experience requires longer concentration times for kids (in my experience, n=1).

    By the way, the link to SciAm points to page 2, you might want to change that.

  • D. C. Sessions says:

    It's nice to see the research confirming what I discovered bringing up ADHD kids: the meds are what make it possible to acquire good habits, but it's the habits that matter.


    There's a point where ADHD gets so extreme that kids lose track of what they're doing between (literally) one step and another. Habits will get you through those only if you are doing something that is already habitual, otherwise the distractions are an unnavigable minefield. Fortunately,

  • D. C. Sessions says:


    (Fortunately,) this is less of a problem as one gets older. Now that my most ADHD offspring is 28, he's pretty functional (as much as any physicist is, anyway) even off meds.

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