DESPERATION: The new fragrance for academics!

Aug 20 2012 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

This is what happens when science bloggers talk to each other too much. I blame Laelaps (it was his idea!).

Are you...grant writing?

Your data...ravishing...

Your paycheck...dwindling...

Your scent...DESPERATION.

DESPERATION: the new fragrance for academics everywhere.

Smell hints of fear, lab chemicals, coffee, tears, musty papers, carpel tunel. Light notes of bitterness, regret, and underarm musk.

SEE the dark undereye circles.

HEAR the rustling of drafts, the creaking of lower back pain.

SMELL the scent of the hunted academic.


I even have testimonials!

...can you tell I'm grant writing?

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