Sunday Funny: Howlin' at the moon

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Humans don't do it, but we surely BELIEVE that we do.

Today's Sunday Funny comes to you courtesy of Keith Laws and a tweet I saw. Presented with eyerolling and the muttered comment "people are stupid".

Psychol Rep. 1995 Feb;76(1):32-4.
Belief in lunar effects on human behavior.
Vance DE.

University of New Orleans.

Questionnaires sent to 325 people indicated that 140 people (43%) held the personal belief that lunar phenomena alter individual behavior. Specifically, mental health professionals (social workers, master's clinical psychologists, nurses' aides, LPNs) held this belief more strongly than other occupational groups.


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  • me says:

    I howl at the moon on a regular basis!!.....but y is it so hard for you to believe that there is some neurophysiologic basis for such an effect?......there are certainly phylogenetically conserved mechanisms for sensing gravity all the way down to the fruit fly......add in the wacky things that happen in small-world networks that define the typical connectivity of neural networks.......then at least the possibility of a modulation behavior by changes in the gravitational forces with the lunar cycle may exist.......

    Nature. 2009 Mar 12;458(7235):165-71.
    The neural basis of Drosophila gravity-sensing and hearing.
    Kamikouchi A, Inagaki HK, Effertz T, Hendrich O, Fiala A, Göpfert MC, Ito K.
    Sensory Systems Laboratory, Institute of Zoology, University of Cologne, 50923 Cologne, Germany.

    • Scicurious says:

      It might be possible that we could have some sense for gravity which might be mildly impacted by the moon's pull. But that would be tidal, it would be a change several times per day. Whether the moon is full or not merely impacts the size, and to assume this would have an impact on human behavior when the moon is full is simply ludicrous.

  • me says:

    Point taken...brain fart...oh how I wish the mass of the moon changed...::face palm::

    • me says:

      maybe such a phenomenon could be mediated by light-sensitive neurons?....last ditch effort to save face......boy i hate feeling stupid..... still a believer........(n also a very loose-minded scientist-wannabe)......

  • pyrope says:

    Maybe people who believe in lunar phenomena are also experiencing a lunar placebo effect? That would be a fun one to try to test...

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