Dopamine goggles and the glass half full

Feb 11 2013 Published by under Behavioral Neuro

Sci is at SciAm Blogs today, talking about another aspect of dopamine. I usually talk about dopamine in the context of reward and addiction, but dopamine also plays a role in attention and learning, especially in something called prediction errors, learning how much your expectations match reality. But it turns out that, instead of being dead on, dopamine's a bit of an optimist. Head over and check it out.

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  • Not sure if that counts as my name, but as the entire comment is somewhat off topic I'm going on a hope and a prayer anyway.

    It goes without saying you have some interesting posts here that deserve a return visit.

    For now, I'm doing a bit of research on oxytocin which seems to have been a subject you were interested in at one time and I was wondering if you might point me in the right direction as I can't seem to find what I want on my own.

    Essentially, I'm looking for comparative data, gender and activity specific. For example, on a scale of one to ten, does hugging raise the level in males "1 point", kissing "2 points", etc.?

    You seem to have a lot of knowledge so, if it doesn't put you to too much trouble, would you happen to know where I might find that kind of data?


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