The BRAIN Initiative: BAM or BUST?

Apr 08 2013 Published by under Academia, Behavioral Neuro, Neuroscience

Sci is at SciAm today, talking about the much-talked-of BRAIN initiative. What is it? What are its goals? And will it work? Will it be a BAM (Brain Activity Map) or a BUST (Badly Underfunded S**T)? What do you think? Head over and check it out.


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  • Bernard Garner says:

    Somehow this reminds me of all the pessimistic pissing and moaning that went on when the human genome project started. Like genome technology, brain scanning technology has been on a Moore's Law type exponential growth curve and has the potential to yield similar sorts of results. The Europeans who made an equaly large committment to Henry Mackram's project were probably well aware of the exponential growth in brain technologies.

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