Ignobels 2013! Reattachment of the penis, unless it was first eaten by a duck

Sep 13 2013 Published by under Friday Weird Science, IgNobel Prizes!

I'm over at SciAm Blogs today, and for the next few days, blogging the fabulously weird IgNobel prizes!! The ceremony was last night, and now I'm doing in depth analyses of all of the winners, and we're starting with...weirdest first. The IgNobel winner in public health, the reattachment of the penis, unless of course, it was partially eaten by a duck first. Like you do. For more about the reattachment, and why there's a duck in the first place, head over and check it out!


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  • doug wells says:

    Your post had nothing to do with science, and everything to do with anti-male sexual sadism. Would you be so glib if your son, or brother or father was mutilated in this fashion? Would you find “humor” if your daughter or sister or mother’s body parts were fed to ducks?

    Your blog is nothing short of anti-male bigotry, mocking men who have suffered horrific sexual attacks. Have you no shame? Have you no honor?

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