Want to Spread SCIENCE!? Help us get to GeekGirlCon!

Oct 01 2013 Published by under Activism

As you may know, I and a bunch of fabulous sciencey people got permission this year to set up a DIY Science Zone at GeekGirlCon! We'll be making fossils out of coffee grounds, neurons out of pipe cleaners, extracting DNA, genetic taste testing, dancing raisins, and showing the people there that scientists are fun, fantastic people!

But in order to do that...we need to get there, and that means we need money, for travel, supplies, etc. Can you help us out? We're over halfway to our goal of $6000!

And if you help us out, we will make it worth your while! We will perform highly embarrassing acts of whimsy. We've already done some, and they've been fabulous! Do you want to see:

  • For $2500, @DNLee5 will do a terrible re-enactment of @SamuelLJackson's demise in Deep Blue Sea with the help of me and @Lalsox at GGC. We're confident our shark will actually look better than the one in the movie...
  • Sock puppets performing a (much shorter!) re-enactment of Prometheus, corrected for science and common sense? YES! The budget of Prometheus was about ~$130 million, but @Sargent will stage Sockmetheus if we raise a mere $3000!
  • If we reach $4000, we'll do a 5 minute (or less!) re-enactment of a movie at GGC and upload it to YouTube. We'll use a reader poll to select the movie! I suspect we'll be horribly acting our way through some Nicholas Sparks adaptation...
  • When we've raised $5000, we'll dance a jig. Seriously, a jig. And yes, we'll be dancing it badly.
  • We'll faint if we raise $6000. Probably onto fainting couches, of course. A few of us won't just faint, we'll do a Leyomi Drop.
  • Yes. If we raise enough, I will compose you a science song! Haven't you always wanted one!? For you, I will listed to Miley Cyrus or Gotye, or something else, and you will hear the sweet strains of "Fund Me Maybe." You know this is what you want.

    So please help us out if you can! Help us to spread science to the people!

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