To everything there is a season.

Oct 04 2013 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Over the past few weeks, some very new and exciting developments have happened here in Sci-land! I'm very happy to say that I'll soon (in about two weeks) be taking up residence as a full time blogger at Student Science, a part of Science News! I'll be blogging about the latest and greatest things in the world of student science: how students can get involved in research, how teachers can make science everyone's favorite subject, and how parents can help their little scientists find their wings. Not to fear, Scicurious blogging will continue, and it will also be moving over to Science News.

I'm determined to enjoy my last few weeks here at Scientopia. It's a wonderful group of passionate individuals. I love each individual voice and they are often my favorite things to read. I hate to leave, but I'm very excited about my chance to help even more people love science! I hope you all will keep tabs on me as I take Scicurious, and now, Eureka!Lab, on to new horizons!

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