Let's #standwithDNLee, let's get voices heard.

Oct 14 2013 Published by under Academia, Activism

I'm at SciAm Blogs today, where I'm introducing a whole week of Guest posts. I'm sure many of you have heard what happened to Danielle Lee this past weekend. I would like to take her goals, and use them to expand the conversation. From the Buzzfeed article:

Though she’s grateful for the support, Lee said she wishes the attention was geared toward one of her already existing missions in the science community, like increasing diversity.

“If that many people were going to come out in support of me, I’d rather it be in support of one of the missions that’s going to make me redundant. I am trying to make myself redundant, truth be told. It is a lonely place to constantly be the only one like you in science,” she said.

Let's use the opportunity to get voices heard. At SciAm, you'll see a whole week of guest posts. People who you should pay attention to, with voices very, very worth hearing. Check it out.

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