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Crowdsourcing Music!

Dec 30 2013 Published by under Harebrained ideas

Many people run to music. I do sometimes. Mostly for races, when I need something to keep my heart rate up. For practice runs, I prefer the company of a friend, or an audiobook. I've gotten through many, many audiobooks that way (including the unabridged Les Miserables, which is not for the faint of heart. Did you know it inclueds an entire chapter on the history of sewers in general and the Paris sewer system in particular? Riveting).

But I need some more music suggestions! I've got a dependable playlist, but often you need something new and fun to inspire you.

Some of my favorites:

Any suggestions?

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Switching things around...

Dec 29 2013 Published by under Harebrained ideas

Looking through the race schedule, I've got a couple of switchups I want to make.

April: I could run Charlottesville, but I'd much rather run the Phildelphia Hot Chocolate 15k. Why? BECAUSE DELICIOUS. That's not far though...I will need another race in April.

Perhaps the Dismal Swamp Stomp? Sounds pretty. And flat. I like flat.

July: Scheduled for Columbia, SC. In July. That is some HOT HOT HOT HEAT. In fact, that could be dangerous. I am from such climes, so I could probably be ok. But the desire to escape somewhere nicer is strong. Someplace like Seattle. Or Oregon. Where 100 degrees F + 90% humidity is the stuff of legend only. Any suggestions?

A full marathon: I was thinking to make Philly the full marathon, but it's well known that the second half, out to Valley Forge and back on the Schuykill, is epically boring. And boring is bad. Because when you realize you are bored, you realize you are TIRED. Baltimore has been suggested instead, supposedly a good "challenging" course. Any other suggestions? October/November a must.


Suggestions Welcome!

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A harebrained idea

Dec 28 2013 Published by under Harebrained ideas

As some of you may know, I am a runner. I've been one since high school. I've never been a GOOD one, mind you. Just a trotting along kind of runner. But I ran my first 5K in college, my first half marathon in grad school, and have been doing  races ever since. I haven't yet done a marathon, mostly because...well after about two hours of running I get kind of bored, you know?  I'll do one someday.

And maybe this is the year!  You see, yesterday I came up with a harebrained idea. I like half marathons, but training for them gets kind of old. It's best if you stack a bunch close together, so you kind of stay in training. So I was planning a few for May and then again for the fall, and I thought...well why not do them ALL.

Ok, not ALL of them. But my new year's resolution? 1 half marathon per month, for 12 months. It's nothing crazy, I know people who do one marathon per month (I know one guy who does MORE). I figure if they can do it, so can I!

Here I'll be keeping track of the races, posting pictures and finish times (if anyone cares). And maybe, there will be thoughts along the way. About victory, defeat, and maybe about running. 🙂

And so my idea was born. And 2014 will be the 13.1 year.I've looked up races, preferably close to home, as travel is expensive. Even so...this is not a cheap harebrained idea! Dyeing your hair blue? That's like $100. Running 12 races in a year plus travel and hotel for some of them? We're looking at well over $2000.


I'm thinking of taking up a collection, maybe with rewards? Like, say, if you funded a race, I'd give you the shirt? I don't really need more shirts. I could sign it if you wanted? Or...oh I don't know, what reward would people like for funding my pain? And would anyone fund it? I figure if I raised another $1000 I could switch one of the local races to the west coast even.

But funding or not, we're going ahead! I've already started my planning and the first three races are booked. I'll probably book the next three soon.

Proposed schedule:

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 11.46.43 AM

But right now? I'm going for a training run. I think I'm going to need it.

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A more personal take

Dec 28 2013 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

In case you all missed it, for the past three months now, I have been a full time writer and blogger at Science News, where I run the science education blog Eureka! Lab, and of course, Scicurious. It is, without a doubt, a fantastic life. I'm learning so much as a writer, and I hope that I'm making a difference as I go!

But of course, things happen in the meantime. Personal things. And so my editors have said I can continue here, dropping personal posts from time to time, to talk particularly about my transition away from academia and to life as a science writer. I'm very pleased to be able to do that. It is a difficult transition to make, and I want others out there making it to are not alone in leaving academia. And you are not a failure.

And of course there are other things as well. I have a harebrained new project! For those of you who are interested, see my next post. For those who aren't, well I completely understand. 🙂

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