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Scientopia has meant so much to me. It has been a home, a comfortable place, for so long. It has seen me through the biggest transition of my career. My career(s). The people here have been a source of advice, mentorship, strength. Scientopia is a wonderful group of people.

With my new job came new responsibilities, and far less writing in the evenings. Let's face it, when you write all day long, coming home to write at night is a tough call. I've been sad to see my blog so inactive. But that's life, and I'm active in as many places as I can be. I'm not a scientist anymore, instead, I'm a science writer, communicator. Someday I'll be a science journalist (I hope).

So after some thought, I've decided to move on. With the help of the talented web developer Karen Wolf, I've launched a personal author site. You can find all my archives, my blog, and my contact info there, as well as links to all the current stuff I'm doing.

But don't stop reading here! Why would you ever do that! Don't forget me, Scientopians. But readers, make sure to stop by and see the wonderful and necessary views from inside the heart of science.

Internet love always,

Scicurious (Bethany Brookshire)


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