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Scicurious is the pen name of Bethany Brookshire. Bethany has a PhD in Physiology from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the College of William and Mary. She is now at science blogger at Science News, and a science education writer at Eureka! Lab with Science News for Students and Society for Science and the Public. All views expressed here are her own and do not represent those of her employer. In her free time, she likes to run. A lot.

Why "Neurotic Physiology"?

Because people always ask.

In the olden days, people like Freud called psychiatric diseases "neuroses".  Now, however, we have discovered that all "neuroses" and psychiatric disorders have a physiological basis.  Neuroscientists can now bring physiology to neuroses in an attempt to understand how the brain works and what happens when things go wrong.  That's some neurotic physiology.

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