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Eating Grad Style: Free Food

Jun 23 2009 Published by under Academia, Grad Student Eating in Style!

A few weeks ago, Sci posted on making Lab Cuisine. A couple of people responded well to this, and suggested that I post more on cheap eating as a grad student. Sadly, these people are deluded. Sci can't cook. At ALL. Lab Cuisine, pasta, and bean stews (which I can make, tho the recipe is not mine) are about what I live on, trying to wedge in fruit and veggies wherever they might be able to fit into the budget. Welcome to life on stipend.

But there are some things about food that Sci does know. It's how to eat, and particularly how to forage, like a grad student. And so today I would like to speak on the pros, cons, and types of Free Food.

You think it's funny and weird to smell free food from a distance? Clearly you have never been a grad student.

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