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Part 1 of Welcome to MY Brain! Introduction and general features

Jan 21 2009 Published by under Neuroanatomy, Neuroscience

Some of you may recall that I got my brain scanned in an MRI for the sake of science. Well, my lovely fellow grad student was nice enough to send me some of my baseline pictures! I think I have a lovely brain (see my new profile pic? I'm totally hot, right?), and so I thought I would share some of it with you. Besides, I blog a lot about basic (and not so basic) neuroanatomy, and so we can use hot pics of Sci's brain to give you some insight into areas of the brain that are popular in science today.
And just to scratch the surface:
Picture 10.png
I'll be dividing these posts into two parts, the first with general features and terms, and the second one for some of the interior features that happened to come out really well on my scan.

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