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Sci is off on a Sci-cation!

Jul 21 2013 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Hey everyone! Just to let you all know, I'm headed out to the Wild Beyond for the next couple of weeks. Where the Wild Beyond is will be revealed upon my return. I might even travelblog it (if you're unlucky), like I did when I went to Japan. In the meantime, I have worked very hard to make sure you don't suffer a lack of Scicurious! Posts will be going up as normal, on Mondays at SciAm and on Wednesdays and Fridays (never forget Fridays!) here at Neurotic Physiology. So be good, keep the spam to a minimum, and I'll be glad to answer any questions when I get back!

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Best of the Blogs!

Jun 06 2013 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

I'm featured in this month's Best of the Blogs video over at SciAm!

You know you want to check out my Daisy Buchanan voice. 🙂

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Scicurious Survey Day!

May 30 2013 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Today, I'd like to take the opportunity to assess my readers! Who are you? And why are you looking at me? I'd like to know what you like about the blog, and what you think I could do to improve! So I've set up a survey! It's very short, and I'd really appreciate the minute or two it would take to fill it out! Please help me out! And if you have any more details, please feel free to leave a comment!

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May 08 2013 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

Sci is at SciAm blogs today talking about...well...who am I? I think it's time you all found out. Head over and check it out!


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Happy New Year! What are your resolutions?

Dec 31 2012 Published by under Synaptic Misfires


Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!!! Well, Happy New Year's Eve from the lab. Because there's where Sci is. Rodents don't really care if it's a holiday.

Does anyone have any New Year's Resolutions? Sci's always involve publication numbers...but I'd like to hear yours. What have you got?

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2012 book list

Dec 26 2012 Published by under Blog Carnivals, Synaptic Misfires, Uncategorized

For the past...oh my, for the past FIVE YEARS, I've been recording, every year, the books I manage to read. Five (gulp) years ago, this was because I was trying the then popular idea to read 100 books in a year. Then I started a blog. 100 books did not happen (though I did get past 60!). Since then, I've set more modest goals, trying for 30 books each year. This year I BARELY made it. Usually they are somewhat punishing and self-improving, but I have some fun ones in there too. And then every year I post them, and ask for you, my friends and readers (some of whom may well not be my friends and I just don't know it) to give me book recommendations.

And this year I ask again! Are there any books you particularly recommend? Great works? Fantasy? I do like fantasy. Science? As you know I LOVE me some science! Leave them in the comments, and if I haven't read them, I'd be glad to give them a try!

2008 List
2009 List
2010 List
2011 List

And now, This year's book list!!! *fanfare*

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Merry Christmas!

Dec 24 2012 Published by under Synaptic Misfires




We...don't actually celebrate Christmas, but I know there will be no readers today. But for those of you who ARE around, let me take this opportunity to say thanks. Thanks so much for reading, for picking on my typos, for giving me feedback, and for keeping me writing! Have a happy day wherever you are!



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Does Neuroscience need a Newton?

Dec 03 2012 Published by under Neuroscience, Synaptic Misfires

Sci is at SciAm Blogs today, talking about the recent backlash against neuro-hype (which I am ALL in support of, obviously), highlighting the excellent work of Neuroskeptic and The Neurocritic, and asking...does neuroscience need a Newton? I personally think the question, especially now, is pointless. Newtons aren't the way science works anymore, and with the millions of possibilities in neuroscience...we need millions of neuroscientists. Head over and check it out.

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Are you interested in being a Scicurious Guest Writer?

Nov 27 2012 Published by under Synaptic Misfires

From SciAm Blogs:

I would like to announce the beginning of my own Scicurious Guest Writing series! If you are a young (or old!) scientist, interested in trying science writing, and wanting to find out how to begin, this is for you! I would like to lend some of my “expertise” (well, at least I’ve been doing it a while) to helping other scientists work on communicating science via social media. Each month, I will feature a guest writer for one piece on the blog, here at The Scicurious Brain. That writer will work with me prior to the posting of the piece, going through several drafts and producing what may be their first piece of science writing.

If this is something you're interested in, please head over and get more information! I'd love to help a few brand new writers get started.

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Sunday Funny: Walnuts are shaped like BRAINS because...GOD.

Oct 07 2012 Published by under Sunday Funnies, Synaptic Misfires

Remember that whole "avocados and eggplants go straight to the womb because they shaped like wombs"? It turns out that's a THING. Like, a thing that people actually believe.

Via Josh Rosenau, and presented with eyerolling.

Food Patterns of our Body Proof for Intelligent Design from blowthetrumpet on GodTube.

Yes. Josh found the video via a Christian forum...that was mocking it ruthlessly. Good people.

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