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Drop Scicurious a line at scicurious AT gmail DOT com. She is probably busy, but she’s REALLY obsessed with the internet. She’ll do her best to send replies.

Email Policy

Think before you click “send”. Sci holds no reservations about posting idiotic messages for the world to see. I can fling poo with the best of them.

Comments policy

I don’t like to moderate my comments so don’t force me. While this blog isn’t a democracy (IT’S A TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP! MWAH-HA-HA-HA!), Sci does her best to be benevolent. Do not make personal threats or insults, do not attempt to detail the thread for personal use, and avoid if at all possible logical fallacies.

I employ a three strike method. If you violate the policies and I deem your comment unacceptable I will note that you have violated the policy and in what manner (personal threat, for example). You will then have two attempts to correct your behavior and participate usefully in the thread. If, after three comments from you, you have failed to improve, you will be banned.

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