Friday Weird Science: That MotherF**king HURTS!!!

Oct 15 2010 Published by under Friday Weird Science

This Friday we are continuing coverage of the most recent IgNobel prizes, those awesome prizes given to celebrate the truly odd, yet wonderful findings in scientific research. Sci LOVES these prizes. In fact, someday I want to be invited, so I can LIVE BLOG these prizes. Interview the winners! Have hilarious conversations! YES! You should ALL tell the IgNobel people that SCI IS YOUR WEIRD BLOGGER OF CHOICE!!! IgNobel people! OVER HERE!!! *waves arms*

Anyway, this paper was one of my personal favorites to win the IgNobel, partly because it's hilarious, and partly because...well, it's kind of useful! And it's actually an experiment that you could probably conduct in a college (I guess high schools might have issues with this) laboratory and look at the results. Wouldn't that be COOL?! Stephens, Atkins, Kingston. "Swearing as a response to pain" NeuroReport, 2009.

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Friday Weird Science: The Deadly Sneeze

Oct 30 2009 Published by under Friday Weird Science

Sci always has all these PLANS for weird science, all these THINGS she's going to blog about. Seriously, a post on Ritalin-induced stuttering priapism (heh...heh...) awaits! But then, Mo posts something like this on Twitter, and Sci just HAS to cover it. It's too weird! Though it's not ACTUAL science, it still qualifies. How many people freakin' die from sneezes?!
"Man died after sneeze, inquest told"
Ah, sneezes. You think they're totally safe...

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