Switching things around...

Dec 29 2013 Published by under Harebrained ideas

Looking through the race schedule, I've got a couple of switchups I want to make.

April: I could run Charlottesville, but I'd much rather run the Phildelphia Hot Chocolate 15k. Why? BECAUSE DELICIOUS. That's not far though...I will need another race in April.

Perhaps the Dismal Swamp Stomp? Sounds pretty. And flat. I like flat.

July: Scheduled for Columbia, SC. In July. That is some HOT HOT HOT HEAT. In fact, that could be dangerous. I am from such climes, so I could probably be ok. But the desire to escape somewhere nicer is strong. Someplace like Seattle. Or Oregon. Where 100 degrees F + 90% humidity is the stuff of legend only. Any suggestions?

A full marathon: I was thinking to make Philly the full marathon, but it's well known that the second half, out to Valley Forge and back on the Schuykill, is epically boring. And boring is bad. Because when you realize you are bored, you realize you are TIRED. Baltimore has been suggested instead, supposedly a good "challenging" course. Any other suggestions? October/November a must.


Suggestions Welcome!

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