Friday Weird Science: The Dirty Old Dildo

May 21 2010 Published by under Friday Weird Science

Can Sci use the word "Dildo" for the main feed of Scienceblogs? Oh well, guess we will find out! Sorry in advance, OverL0rdz!
Anyway, if you were on the internets at ALL over the past few days, you will have seen three things:
1) A guy showed his coworker a paper on bat fellatio and is in trouble for it. Sci is going to wait on details of the case before she passes judgment, there appears to be a lot more than just bat fellatio involved. But for more on bat fellatio, see here, and here.
2) VENTER HAS CREATED LIFE! Ok, he made a synthetic genome and put it into a cell. And the cell worked! It's not synthetic life, but it's pretty effing cool. Ed as usual does a brilliant job with the story.
3) And of course everyone saw this:

OMG it's a stone age dildo. Stop the presses!
But before we get our undies all in a twist over this, Sci has some concerns.

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