Friday Weird Science: No Singing, or Sexing, in the Rain

Oct 04 2013 Published by under Friday Weird Science

No siiiiinging in the rain,
No siiiinging in the rain!
But once the storm is over
Bugs are hooooorny again.

They're calling for mates
When the sun's out above
But when pressure's down
They're not ready for love.

Let's the stormy clouds chase
All the bugs from the place
Come on with the rain
And watch horny insects brace

They'll wait out the rain
Til the sun's out again
No singing
Or sexting in the raaaain.

Singing in the rain seems so romantic, doesn’t it? The childlike joy of dancing through the raindrops with your beloved certainly worked for Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly in the movie.

But there’s a difference between a light drizzle and a thunderstorm. And when red skies at morning make sailor’s take warning, it’s best to take the romancing indoors.

Unless of course, you’re an insect. Then, maybe you just want to pack it in for the day.

Pellegrino et al. “Weather Forecasting by Insects: Modified Sexual Behaviour in Response to Atmospheric Pressure Changes” PLoS ONE, 2013.

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